Japan Guide Books Being Reprinted

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Japan Guide Books Reprint

The Japan guide books are currently being reprinted. They’re estimated to be ready early July 2024.

Place your order now, and yours will be sent as soon as they’re ready:

Usually I try and get the books reprinted before they sell out, but this time that didn’t happen, so there’s a short time when they’re unavailable – but I am taking pre-orders.

When will they be Ready?

They’re estimated to be ready early July 2024. It’s possible they’ll be ready earlier, but at this point it’s difficult to say for sure. I’ll update the estimated date once I know when they’ll be ready, and again once they’ve been despatched from the book printers.

You’ll receive an email once your book is despatched. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Is the Book the Same as Previous Versions?

Every time I get it reprinted, I check through the book for any updates. For example, I check all the URLs and any details that may have changed.

Any updates are usually fairly minor. The page with the most updates is always the theme cafes page – there are usually a few that have opened or closed. In 2023, there were changes to the JR Pass, and a few years ago several attractions closed in Odaiba. However, the vast majority of the book is the same.

When I was writing the book, I kept in mind that I didn’t want it to go out of date too quickly, so the majority of information won’t change; for example, about how to book your flights, checklists for booking your trip, things to do and what the food’s like.

Updates are listed on a web-page. There’s a link in the book, so you can check it before your trip.

The book includes help with booking your trip right from the start, including booking flights and hotels. So I’d recommend buying it when you start planning, to get tips at every step of the way!

What’s New This Time

I’ve added a page about souvenir stamps (watch my video on YouTube to find out all about them!). There’s also slightly more focus on buying train tickets, rather than the JR Pass. Since the JR Pass price increase, for the most common itineraries it now works out best to buy individual shinkansen tickets than the pass. But there’s help in the book with that too, to help you work out which is best!

Japan Book Contents

7th Reprint

This is the 7th time the books have been printed since 2020! The first printing was funded by Kickstarter. The campaign was fully funded in 24 hours, with over 500 backers, plus pre-orders here on the main site.

Thanks so much for all your support – I’m so glad you find my book useful.

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Is it Available as an E-Book?

I realise an e-book can be more practical when you’re travelling. However, as there are pages you can fill in to help you plan your trip and record your memories in Japan, it works best in print.

Plus, it has lovely red page edges and shiny parts on the cover. So I’ve chosen to only publish it as a print version. There’s nothing like a physical book!

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Mini Guide to Kawaii Tokyo

While Your Guide to Japan‘s being reprinted, the Mini Guide to Kawaii Tokyo is still available and in stock, ready to be sent out straight away. It’s a smaller, mini guide to fun things to do in Tokyo.

Kawaii Guide to Tokyo