Black Friday 2023 – Help Plant Trees!

Black Friday 2023

This year for Black Friday, we’ll be donating money from every order to plant trees.

As Black Friday’s dominated by huge corporations that price their products to offer huge discounts to drive sales, it feels good to make Black Friday a little greener.

Giving a Little Back

🌍 Giving something back to help the environment.

💚 More meaningful than discounts or a sale.

🌳 They’ll be planted by One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation.

As Black Friday becomes more and more dominated by huge corporations, I feel it’s much more meaningful to give something back to help the environment and make Black Friday greener.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation with tree-planting projects all around the world.

When you donate, you can choose where the trees will be planted, or you can leave it up to them. There are so many projects that it’s hard to pick one!

Planting trees helps offset carbon emissions, increase biodiversity and protect ecosystems. One Tree Planted helps with reforestation, forest fire recovery, protecting wildlife habitats and beautiful national forests.

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