Most Popular Japan Videos in 2023

A round-up of my most popular Japan videos in 2023!

But first, a thank you

Thank you to everyone who’s watched my channel – I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos. And THANK YOU to everyone who’s left nice comments. Making videos is a very one-sided process, so that’s why I always try and reply to comments – something I’ll continue to do for as long as I’m able to.

Here’s hoping my channel hits 50k subscribers in 2024! Although honestly, it’s about so much more than the numbers, and chasing large subscriber count has never been the reason I make videos. I hope you find them helpful, and I’ve really loved hearing about your Japan trips after watching my videos.

So, here are my top videos of 2023:

Green Car vs Standard Car on the Shinkansen – Is it Worth it?

This year I was lucky enough to try the Green Car on the shinkansen for the first time, which is like first class, thanks to JR Central in London. The video compares the differences between the Green Car and the Standard Car, so you can decide whether it’s worth upgrading your ticket.

How to Choose a Hotel in Japan

I see so many people asking for recommendations for hotels in Japan, especially in Tokyo. But there are so many hotels, and the prices are always changing, especially these days, so rather than sticking to a few specific hotels, I’d recommend choosing your own using the method in this video, which is how I choose my hotels. Honestly, I’ve never had a bad experience at a hotel in Japan, so as long as you do a quick check of the reviews just in case (and don’t expect the rooms to be large), chances are you won’t go too far wrong.

TeamLab Planets

TeamLab Planets is the temporary digital art museum in Tokyo (TeamLab Borderless is the larger, permanent museum, which re-opens in February 2024). I’m so glad it’s been extended, because the water rooms are unique to Planets. Even though it’s smaller, it’s still a unique experience. The video includes my tips and what to expect, including the all-important no shoes aspect!

What it’s like Arriving in Japan in 2023

It’s not easy filming a video when you’ve just got off a long haul flight, but that’s what I did! The video includes flying from London to Tokyo with BA, how it went with Visit Japan Web and all the things you need to do when you arrive at the airport in Japan, such as picking up your JR Pass and pocket wifi, then getting the train into the city.