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Delivery to the EU?

If you’re ordering for delivery to the EU, please order on Etsy:

Your order will be sent out by Cakes with Faces just the same, but you won’t receive a bill for customs charges and you’ll receive your parcel quicker.


Since 1st July 2021, you’re now required to pay tax on orders delivered from outside the EU.

If you order via Etsy, the taxes are included at checkout and you’ll receive your order smoothly (for orders under 150 Euros).

If you order on, taxes are not collected when you checkout. (We’re working on it; there’s not much information for small businesses yet). You’ll receive a bill from customs before your items are delivered, which takes longer and may include additional customs charges. These are beyond our control and Cakes with Faces does not receive any part of the taxes or customs fees. For now, we strongly recommend ordering on Etsy to avoid paying extra.

This only applies to orders delivered to EU countries.

Cakes with Faces on Etsy

All items are available on Etsy. Your order comes through to Cakes with Faces and will be despatched just the same as if you order here.

Just want to browse?

Feel free to take a look around! If you want to buy something, please order via Etsy to avoid extra charges.

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