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Hamster Art Gallery

Hamster Paintings

During the lockdowns I’ve been enjoying painting at the weekends. While I love digital art, it’s nice to have a break from staring at a screen. I’ve mainly got into watercolours.

Recently I’ve enjoyed combining my love of hamsters and art in a series called Hamster Art Gallery, with hamster versions of famous artworks from history.

Hamster Starry Night

The first in the series, in acrylic paint on a mini canvas – I find these canvases irresistible in shops and have a collection of blank ones waiting for paintings. Originally I planned on doing all the paintings on mini canvases and holding a whole miniature hamster art show (no biting the paintings!).

Hamster Starry Night

Hamster Sistine Chapel

I painted this after saying goodbye to my tiny best friend Kyary Hamu Hamu, so it’s also a tribute to her.

Immediately after starting I regretted having to draw a hand, but I think it came out ok!

Hamster Sistine Chapel

Here’s the rough sketch:

Hamster Sistine Chapel Sketch

Hamster Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa sharing a moment with her little hamster friend.

Hamster Mona Lisa

Girl with a Pearl Earring (and a Hamster)

Hamsters are way too squirmy to stay perched on your shoulder for more than a few seconds, but we can dream…

Girl with a Pearl Earring (and a Hamster)

Hamster Scream

I found a gachapon of this once! The series had various animals acting out The Scream by Munch.

Hamster Birth of Venus

Botticelli’s dreamy ocean masterpiece, recreated in shimmery metallic watercolour.

Hamster Birth of Venus

The Waterlillies by Monet

My new garden pond inspired me to paint this hamster version of Monet’s Waterlillies, with a little ham perched on a lily pad:

Hamster Waterlillies - Monet

Sunflowers by Van Gogh

When I was growing sunflowers as seedlings my hamster was very interested, just like this; I think she wanted to eat them!

Hamster Sunflowers by Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s Chair

A little ham sitting peacefully on Van Gogh’s famous chair. If the perspective looks off, it’s because it’s not quite right in the real painting either!

Hamster Van Gogh Chair

Hamster Great Wave

A tiny hamster riding the waves – the great wave off Kanazawa by Japanese artist Hokusai.

Hamster Great Wave by Hokusai

Hamster Ophelia

A hamster version of pre-Raphaelite Ophelia by Millais. Ophelia’s pose in the real painting is just like this – perfect for a tiny ham to perch on!

Hamster Ophelia by Millais

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