New in the Gallery: Cactus Series – Hot Air Balloon

If you look in the gallery you can see my Cactus Series so far, of a cute cactus character in all sorts of spike-related sticky situations!

My dad loves gardening and is a big cactus fan, so every time it’s his birthday or fathers day it’s fun to think up a new cactus scenario and draw a new cartoon of our cactus friend! So far he’s been next to balloons, a lilo, a bouncy castle, sadly wanting a hug, and now here he is feeling nervous in a hot air balloon!

Some of them I’ve drawn by hand, using watercolours and ink (and glitter glue!), and some have been digital vector artwork. You can see the other digital ones in the Gallery, and my plan is to eventually work them all up into vector versions to complete the series.

If you’d like to keep up with all my new drawings in future, I always post them on my Facebook and Twitter (sometimes the moment they’re done!).

Cute Cactus Hot Air Balloon