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No Make-up, No Apologies

No make-up, no apologies

When I see people posting pics online saying “Sorry for no make-up”, it makes me sad. Is that something you should have to apologise for?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no make-up hater. It’s fun, it can be really creative and if you enjoy it, that’s great. But I don’t think anyone should feel like they have to wear it every day – or apologise if they don’t feel like it.

There’s the idea that if you don’t wear make-up, you’re not making an effort. Now there are hundreds of ways of making an effort, for yourself and for other people, and your appearance is just one of those ways.

Cute doughnut sketch

When you think about it, putting on make-up every day is kind of a time-drain. If you enjoy it, or if it’s your hobby, that’s fine – but if it’s just because you feel you have to, think of all the other ways you could use those minutes every day. And when you think of how only women are expected to spend time each day getting their eyeliner right and keeping their lipstick perfect. No one thinks men aren’t making an effort if they haven’t drawn lines round their eyes.

I tend to wear make-up if I feel like it, or as part of dressing up for a night out. Most days, I don’t wear any – and there’s wrong with that.

So I guess my point is: wear make-up when you want to, but don’t feel like you have to, and certainly don’t apologise for posting pics of your face with no drawing on it!