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Cathy Cat Reviews Cakes with Faces Dresses on YouTube

Thank you to YouTube star Cathy Cat for reviewing the Starry Night and Shark Attack skater dresses!

You can get the dresses from the online shop or Etsy (worldwide shipping to any country):

Starry Night dress

Shark Attack dress

Cathy Cat

Cathy Cat’s channel is all about Harajuku fashion. She’s into alternative Japanese fashion, especially lolita, and has so many gorgeous dresses and outfits. Her videos are reviews, unboxings and fashion features about her outfits, as well as vlogs from trips and events in Japan.

She’s often out and about in Harajuku, interviewing people for Ask Japanese. If you’re interested in Japan, take a look at their YouTube channel – it’s really interesting! Each time, Cathy asks the same question to different people on the streets of Tokyo, to find out what people think about each topic and explore cultural differences.

My favourites are the language-related questions – where Japanese people have to guess what an english word or phrase means. Sometimes it’s the other way round – foreigners have to guess Japanese phrases, and it’s usually pretty funny!

Cathy Cat in Cakes with Faces Shark Attack Dress

Cathy Cat wears the Shark Attack dress in a sporty outfit!

Styling the Dresses

It’s so interesting to see how different people wear the dresses I designed, and I was looking forward to seeing how Cathy styled them. She looks so cute in both of them, and the shark dress looks really good with white, with a cap for a sporty look.

I don’t have a shark necklace to wear with the shark dress either – I often wear it with my hamster necklace, and it looks like the hamster’s being dangled to the sharks!

As she says in the video, you can dress them up or down. I’m always wearing them, especially Starry Night, because it works for so many different occasions. Because it’s stretchy and comfy, you can wear it for casual wear, and you can dress it up for going out or even more formal occasions.

Cathy Cat wearing Starry Night cake dress

Styling the Starry Night dress for winter

Show Me Your Photos!

I always love seeing your photos, so if you want to share how you wear the dresses, tag me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve been making a Pinterest board of Cakes with Faces customer photos – they always me smile!

Customer photos