Trick Art Museum on Thrillist

We’re in Thrillist’s video about the Trick Art Museum in Tokyo! Spot me and Phil, who you might recognise from my Japan videos and the stall – alongside Dustin aka SoloTravelBlog from YouTube:

What is Thrillist?

Thrillist features funny and unusual places, food, things and experiences from around the world. And the Tokyo Trick Art Museum is certainly a funny and unique experience!

Watch the Full Version

See more of the museum and it’s fun attractions in my full-length video below. It’s one of the most popular videos on my channel, with over 300,000 views, having been featured on the homepage of YouTube in Indonesia!

Trick Art Museum

The Trick Art Museum is certainly a fun place to visit, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants somewhere unique to visit in Tokyo! It’s in Odaiba, and there’s also one in Takao, where there’s a mountain an hour from Tokyo. It’s full of optical illusions painted on the walls for you to pose with. You’ll go home with hundreds of silly photos!

It’s a good place to go on a rainy day, and there are other indoor things to do in Odaiba, like:

  • Toyota Megaweb
  • Joypolis
  • Miraikan – an excellent science museum where you can see Asimo, the Honda robot
  • Several shopping malls – Palette Town and Venus Fort, where you can find lots of Japanese Kitkats

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