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LondonEdge Alternative Fashion Trade Show

My next event will be LondonEdge, an alternative fashion show in London at Olympia on Sunday 2nd – Tuesday 4th September. It’s a trade show so not open to the public, sorry! But if you know anyone who has a shop or is in the business, tell them to come and say hello.

I’ll be near the back of the hall on stand E55 with my t-shirts. This will be my first trade show so it’s something new to me. At the moment I’m busy getting the decoration for my stand ready and designing the backdrop, based on my new sticker design. It’ll be the largest artwork I’ve put together for Cakes with Faces, so it’ll be great to see it on display at the show. I’m aiming for the stand to be really bright and colourful to show what my style’s all about!


It’s exciting that a lot of the brands I like will be there, like Hell Bunny, Stargazer (hair dye!), DC Shoes, Flip Flops & Fangs and Death Kitty. I’m looking forward to having a bit of a look around the other stands. There’s also a fashion show (too bad my stand’s not facing the catwalk, maybe if I stand on a chair…).

I’ll let you know how it goes! My next events after LondonEdge will be London MCM Expo in October, then in November there’s Thought Bubble in Leeds and Hyper Japan Christmas.