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MCM Expo London Comic Con Video – October 2014

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MCM Expo London Comic Con Video

Here’s what we got up to at MCM London Comic Con! Lots of cosplays, fun stuff from around the show and the story of our weekend as exhibitors. Plus sneaky after hours footage of MCM when everyone’s gone home and the aisles are empty. Hope you like it! There’s also some hilarious footage of you guys dancing and posing for the camera – it’s so funny what people do when you point a camera at them!

Our First Booth!

It was a special expo for us because it was Cakes with Faces’ third birthday, and the first time we’ve had a booth instead of tables – our biggest stall ever! It was great seeing our artwork around the booth (including a giant larger than life Snow Lamb!) and having a little space of our own.

Next up: Hyper Japan

Our next event, and final show of the year, is Hyper Japan Christmas Market on 14-16 November – see you there!

More about Hyper Japan on our blog here…