Thank you MCM Expo!

A big thank you to everyone who came to see us this weekend at MCM Expo! It was an exhausting but fun weekend. We had three new things:

1) A new stand for t-shirts for behind the table to show them off

2) A new t-shirt design

3) Another new t-shirt design – that glows in the dark!

The most popular t-shirt of the weekend was the new “Cuter with Cat Ears” glow in the dark design. Both new tees will be in the shop very soon – keep an eye on F-book or Twitter for instant notification!

It was really great to see people we recognised from other cons, and people who recognised the stall from being on here, or from Neo magazine.

It got really crowded on the Saturday – I found out later there were 64,000 people over the weekend, and 37,000 people on Saturday!

We were opposite Star Wars Kinect, which kept us amused, especially when the stormtroopers turned up. Our neighbours were a tabletop games stall (bought a cute Japanese maid card game and the Penny Arcade game) and Japan Underground, who were playing Harajuku j-pop band Broken Doll on their stall. And despite listening to them on repeat for three days, I bought their CD and am still enjoying it.

I took some photos of the Expo when it was empty, other stalls (including games demo stands), cosplayers and our stall (take a sneaky look at the new tee designs) – you can see them all here on Facebook.

And if you missed MCM, my next events will be: MCM Expo Manchester, MCM Expo London in October, Hyper Japan Christmas and Thought Bubble in Leeds.



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