Christmas Gift Ideas

Support an independent designer and spread the cake-y love this Christmas by getting your friends or family a fun Christmas present from Cakes with Faces! To help with your Christmas shopping, I’ve gathered together some Christmas gift ideas for vegetarians, fans of Japan, cakes, toast or anyone who likes cute and colourful things. Everything’s delivered to your door super-fast, so you won’t have to battle the crowds in the shops.

For Sushi Addicts: How to Make Sushi Gift Set

A perfect gift for sushi fans. Making your own sushi at home is fun and tastes so much better than sushi from the supermarket. The set contains a fun recipe comic book, rolling mat and two pairs of quality chopsticks. Also suitable for vegetarians (I don’t eat fish at all). Make it into a bigger present by getting them nori, sushi rice, wasabi, etc as well. If you don’t have a local Japanese food shop, check out Sushi Sushi.

Sushi Comic

Sushi Comic Recipe Book

For Fans of Japan: All the Best Stuff is from Japan T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone who loves Japan, anime, manga, Japanese food, cosplay… any kind of otaku or anyone who’s left their heart in Tokyo, you can’t go wrong with our All the Best Stuff is from Japan t-shirt, which features so many cool things from Japan in one colourful design. It’s one of the most popular t-shirts, and comes in ladies slim fit and mens sizes – and very soon kids sizes too!

Japan T-Shirt

All the Best Stuff is from Japan T-Shirt by Cakes with Faces

 For Vegetarians and Vegans: Vegetables Charm

If you’re looking for a small gift for your veggie or vegan friend, say Happy Christmas with some terrified veg and a scary knife! Clips easily on to keychains, bags, purses, wallets or jackets. (Now sold out).

Or how about a Say No to Knife Crime t-shirt?

Vegetables Key Chain

For Cake Fans: Battenberg Cake Charm

Ideal stocking filler for anyone who likes baking, or just eating cakes! There’s something cool about battenbergs, the classic teatime favourite. Now sold out.

Or how about cute fairy cake hair clips, with wings and a wand? Or a fairy cake phone charm? (Sold out). Or a Bakery Jealousy poster? (Yes we have a lot of cakey things!)

We also have loads of yummy cake t-shirts: I <3 Cakes, Never-Ending Supply of Cakes, Your Cake or Your Life, or the original Cakes t-shirt (now sold out).

Battenberg Cake Charm

For Little Monsters: Cute but Deadly Babygrow

An unusual present for babies that no one else will have bought them – you can’t get these in the shops! Cute babygrows with a super-soft print on organic, fair trade cotton. Three sizes, up to 18 months (babies grow quickly so go for a larger size if you’re not sure). Three designs, all cute and monstrous. The blue and orange monsters are a safe bet for both baby boys and girls, if they’re not born yet. (Now sold out).

Cute but Deadly Babygrows

For Cosplayers: Cuter with Cat Ears T-Shirt

If they wear cat ears or nekomimi, this is the t-shirt for them! Plus, it glows in the dark! Ladies slim fit and standard/mens sizes – order online here…

Glow in the dark cute with cat ears t-shirt

For People Who Love Toast: Toast Addict T-Shirt

A t-shirt for anyone who’s always munching toast, and wouldn’t think of having anything else for breakfast or a midnight snack. Make them admit their addiction with a Toast Addict t-shirt! Available in ladies slim fit and standard/mens sizes. Order online here…

How about pairing it with a 8 Slices a Day art print (sold out) for their wall? It’s a colourful tale of toast addiction.

Toast Addict T-Shirt by Cakes with Faces