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How to Make Sushi Video

How to Make Sushi

Whenever there’s a free weekend we like to spend the evening making sushi. It’s called Sushi Saturday. Watch my video to join us making a sushi feast:

  • Hosomaki (single filling rolls)
  • Futomaki (larger rolls with multiple fillings)
  • Nigiri
  • Edamame
  • Gyoza

Sushi - Avocado rolls

Vegetarian Sushi

In the video we make half vegetarian/vegan sushi and half fish. Sushi can be made with any ingredients – it doesn’t have to be fish if you don’t fancy it – so experiment and see what works! The great thing about making your own sushi is you can make it however you like, to your own taste.

Where to get Sushi Ingredients

  • Large supermarkets stock Japanese cooking ingredients, including sushi rice, nori and seasoning.
  • Asian or oriental food shops often have a Japanese section.
  • I get seasoning, tofu and several other items from a stall at the market.
  • If you don’t have anywhere locally, you can order Japanese ingredients from SushiSushi and the Japan Centre.
  • The powdered wasabi in the video’s from The Wasabi Company – they also sell fresh wasabi for an extra special Sushi Saturday!
  • Don’t buy your fish from the supermarket – it almost definitely won’t be fresh enough. Try the fishmongers or a fish stall at the market and always ask if their fish is safe for sushi. This means it’s been frozen at a low enough temperature to be safe to eat raw.
  • And you can fancy plates from Doki Japanese Tableware – you can usually find their stall at Hyper Japan and MCM London Comic Con.

Salmon nigiri sushi

How to Make Sushi Comic

If you want to try making sushi at home, all the instructions, timings and amounts are in my How to Make Sushi comic book.

  • Comes with 2 pairs of quality, reusable chopsticks and a bamboo rolling mat.
  • Perfect gift for anyone who likes Japan or Japanese food.
  • The whole book is in comic format, with cute characters to show you how to roll sushi!

Get the comic book

How to Make Sushi Comic

More Japan Videos

There are lots more videos about Japan on Cakes with Faces’ YouTube channel. This spring I’ll be travelling to Kyushu, Osaka and Tokyo so stay tuned for new Japan vlogs! Subscribe to support my channel – and I always love reading your comments on YouTube.

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