#Japanuary 2020


#Japanuary is a Japan-themed Twitter / Instagram challenge. Join in and share what you love about Japan!

Each day of January 2020 I’ll be sharing a pic on a theme related to Japan. And you can join in!

Looking for Japanuary 2021? It’s over here…

How to Join In

  • Post a pic on Twitter or Instagram related to Japan
    There’s a theme for each day – you can see them all below. It can be a photo or artwork – whatever you like!
  • Use the hashtag #Japanuary so everyone else can see it too.
  • Join in every day or as many days as you want to.

I’ll be posting each day, and you’re welcome to join in. I can’t wait to see your pics – I’ll be sharing a few favs!

Themes for Each Day in January 2020

Feel free to share this pic so other people can join in too!

Click here for the 2021 themes…


What if I haven’t been to Japan?

Japanuary is for everyone! If you haven’t been to Japan, or if you’re planning your trip and haven’t been yet, you can still join in.

Post something Japan-related eg Japanese food you’ve tried (or cooked yourself!), cute character merch, plushies, figures, books, drawings, arts and crafts, Japanese events in your country or your collections at home.

For the themes that involve places, share a link to somewhere you’d like to go, or are planning to visit!

More about the Themes

Here’s a bit about the prompts for each day, to give you some ideas. Feel free to interpret them however you like – I can’t wait to see what you post!

  1. You – and why you love Japan
    What draws you to Japan, and what first sparked your interest? Include a Japan-themed photo or drawing of yourself if you want to.
  2. Architecture
    Modern or historic, unusual buildings, contrasts, interesting details
  3. Ramen
    Make us hungry!
  4. Temples and shrines
    Tori gates, fox statues, paper fortunes, beautiful temple buildings, lanterns, festivals
  5. Sweets and snacks
    Traditional wagashi, Japanese candy, mochi, street food snacks, convenience store treats, ice cream, taiyaki
  6. Tokyo
    One of the busiest cities in the world! So many different neighbourhoods, each with its own character.
  7. Countryside
    Views from the train, rice fields, mountains, lakes, hiking, day trips, waterfalls, valleys, gorges – that you’ve been to or would like to visit.
  8. Harajuku
    Tokyo’s centre for alternative fashion and kawaii
  9. Traditional Japan
    Kimono, gardens, arts and crafts, buildings, historic streets, Japanese castles
  10. Your first trip to Japan
    Time for some memories! Or share where you’d like to go on your first trip.
  11. Games
    Including games arcades, or Japanese games you play at home.
  12. Water
    Rivers, lakes, the sea, waterfalls…
  13. Cute characters
    Character mascots, kawaii character merch, cute characters on signs.
  14. Mountains
    Fuji-san, hiking pics, views from the plane, mountains on the horizon in the distance
  15. Only in Japan
    Something you’d only see or find in Japan
  16. Arcades
    Video games, purikura, UFO catcher prizes, arcade machines
  17. Trains
    Stations, the metro, train signs, tickets, the bullet train, historic or unusual trains
  18. Japanese streets
    Large busy streets with neon signs, or picturesque alleyways and backstreets
  19. Kawaii
    Share the cuteness!
  20. Favourite place
    Tell us where it is and why it’s special
  21. Night views
    City lights, neon signs, illuminations, glowing temple lanterns, festivals, magical twilight
  22. Day trips
    Trips you’ve been on or would like to go on
  23. Vending machines
    They’re everywhere!
  24. Nature / animals
    Wildlife, spots of green in the city, countryside from the train, animal cafes, pets in the park, cute animals.
  25. Drinks
    Green tea, bars, vending machine favourites, cocktails
  26. Gachapon
    Capsule toy machines, amazing finds, or show your collection
  27. Sushi
    Traditional or conveyor belt, made at home, restaurants, bento boxes
  28. Akihabara
    Tokyo’s otaku central: home of anime, manga, games arcades and electronics shops
  29. Four seasons
    Cherry blossoms, rainy days, winter snow, autumn colours, summer heatwaves
  30. Convenience store favs
    Snacks, drinks, sandwiches, onigiri, bentos, bakery treats, fried chicken
  31. Beautiful views
    Finish Japanuary with a gorgeous view – day or night, natural or in the city
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