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Sushi Saturday – Making Sushi at Home

Sushi Saturday

Whenever we have a free weekend at home, we like to have Sushi Saturday and spend the afternoon making a delicious sushi feast!

This week we made: kappamaki (cucumber rolls), pepper rolls, avocado rolls, vegetable futomaki, avocado nigiri and salmon nigiri, along with edamame (a must-have for any sushi feast) and veggie gyoza. There was a shortage of kimchi gyoza (my favourite flavour) in all the shops in town, so we had vegetable gyoza.

How to Make Sushi

You can learn how to make all this sushi, including the edamame and gyoza, with my How to Make Sushi comic recipe book! It comes with a Yutaka rolling mat and two pairs of quality chopsticks, so all you need is the ingredients.

Vegetarian Sushi

Don’t like the thought of raw fish? The recipes include all of this vegetarian sushi, and once you’ve learnt the technique you can put anything you want in the rolls (I even tried beetroot once, and surprisingly good!). I’m vegetarian and don’t eat fish at all, and there’s plenty of delicious sushi you can make at home.

Learn to make sushi!

Salmon nigiri sushi

Kappamaki sushi

Sushi - Avocado rolls

Sushi Comic Recipe Book