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Ancient Egypt Enamel Pin Badges

Ancient Egyptian Enamel Pins

New Egypt enamel pin badges collection, only at Cakes with Faces: “The Party of your Afterlife”! Cute ancient Egyptian style animals enjoying a decadent party at the pyramids.

How I Designed the Pins

When I was at primary school, ancient Egypt was my favourite. I was obsessed with Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, and I spent the whole summer holiday drawing this epic, Where’s Wally-style masterpiece:

Ancient Egyptian style drawing
By Amy age 7

So drawing in this style feels a bit like going back to my roots!

The Party of your Afterlife collection is also part-inspired by gachapon and Japanese kawaii style – there’s more about how I designed them in this blog post.

Here are my first, rough sketches (at this stage it’s all about getting ideas down and creating a mood, not drawing nicely!). You can spot some of the animals from the pins!

Ancient Egyptian Character Sketches
Rough sketches (super scribbly!)

First I designed the Party of your Afterlife dress:

Cute Egypt Dress
Party of your Afterlife skater dress

There were lots of requests for a t-shirt, so I mixed it up slightly for the “Live your Best Afterlife” t-shirt:

Ancient Egypt T-Shirt
Live your Best Afterlife t-shirt

You Chose the Characters!

I thought the characters would look really cute as tiny, shiny enamel pins. So I had a vote on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to choose which should get made:

Who knew the poor little chick and ibis would come in last place? My favs were the armadillo, hamster (of course!) and the ba / ka bird with human head – none of which came in the top four!

Some of the animals are traditional creatures from ancient Egyptian mythology, and some less so. Funnily enough, the top 4 are more traditional ones that you’d find quite naturally on a wall of heiroglyphs or a papyrus scroll. (Maybe not with cocktails or party hats though!).

I kept them quite simple in black and gold. It had to be gold – the party of your afterlife is all about luxury and decadance. I like how the black makes them not too cute and gives them a sophisticated edge.

Black & Gold Egypt Pin Badges


To me, the Anubis-style jackal seems like the central character of the collection, maybe because he was the first one I drew. That’s where the Party of Your Afterlife concept came from – he looked perfect with a cocktail and straw, and his look-down-his-nose-at-you elegance defines the mood for the series.

Ancient Egyptian Jackal Pin


The cat was the winner of the vote – the most popular character! Originally she had a party blower, but that would have got caught on things when you’re wearing the pin, so she’s just sitting enjoying the party.

Ancient Egypt Pins: Black Cat


Birds of prey have eyesight up to 8 times better than humans. This guy uses his to spy out the best snacks at the party. I especially like how the detail on the patterns on his wings came out in the pins, all shiny in gold. He’s refined, sophisticated and high class, but not too fancy to wear a party hat.

Ancient Egyptian Hawk Pin Badge


There are actually two rabbits on the border print on the dress, and they came in equally in the popularity vote. So I did an extra vote on Insta stories, and they still came out equally. So I picked the bunny with the silly straw, because it’s more fun!

I always loved these canopic jars with animal heads. In ancient Egyptian tombs they’re used to store the mummy’s internal organs. This one’s sipping on a cocktail, living it up at the party of your afterlife.

Party of Your Afterlife Rabbit Pin

Complete Set – SOLD OUT

You can get the enamel pins individually, or as a complete set of four.

Ancient Egyptian Enamel Pin Badges

Party of Your Afterlife Collection