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Kickstarter Finished – Thank You!!!

Your Guide to Japan on Kickstarter

That’s it – the Kickstarter for my Japan travel guide book’s finished!

Over 500 backers and 333% funded – I can’t believe it!

Kickstarter Funded

Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who backed, shared or supported the project – you’ve helped make this happen.

A month ago, before I pressed launch, I didn’t know if it would even reach the funding goal. I was so nervous! I’m so glad you’re so excited about the book. All your comments and messages give me the motivation to make it the best I can!

What Happens Now?

Over the next few months I’ll be finishing the layouts for the book. The text is complete, so I’ll be working on the design and images to make it look fun, and also to make everything easy to find.

I’ll also be ordering the reward items, ready to send out to you!

Kickstarter Surveys

If you’ve backed the Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving a survey soon so I can collect your delivery address. You’ll be able to update the address at any time before despatch, so don’t worry if you’ll be moving house.

If your reward tier includes a t-shirt, you’ll also be able to tell me which size you’d like. The sizing’s the same as my other t-shirts if you already have one – there’ll be standard/mens sizes and womens slim fit. All the measurements are in the Size Guide, and you can also get in touch if you have any queries.

Will there be a Delay because of Coronvirus?

If you’ve been following my videos on YouTube, you’ll know that due to the current situation with COVID-19 (coronovirus) I’ve had to cancel my trip to Japan.

A few people have asked if the lockdowns will cause any delays to the project. The situation’s changing really fast, but currently the answer is: no! The printer I’ll be using to produce the books is still open and running, and so are the manufacturers for the rewards. The postal service is still running to the majority of countries (and my shop’s still open!). In fact, with my trip cancelled and comic con postponed, I’ll actually have more time to work on the book!

Obviously I’m disappointed about cancelling my trip to Japan, but I’ve already been many times so it won’t affect the quality of the book. I’m hoping to reschedule for later in the year and get back as soon as I can when it’s safe to travel again!