Tokyo Videos: Asakusa Temples & Akihabara Otaku Paradise

Tokyo Videos

Last month we were in Tokyo, our favourite place in the world! We filmed LOADS of videos to show you all our favourite places. So far the first few vlogs are up, and there’s lots more to come (so don’t forget to subscribe!).

First we’ll be uploading vlogs of each day to our YouTube channel, to tell you the story of our trip and all the things we got up to. Then, we’ll be making videos about specific topics, including where to find Japanese Kitkats, and how to be vegetarian in Tokyo.

Lots of people ask us about Japan, and it’s one of our favourite subjects, so we wanted to share what we know about Tokyo. We found a lot of travel guides don’t include the things we want to do, and don’t include all the helpful information you need, so our videos will be a travel guide for you, to help you on your trip to Japan! I’ve found that a lot of people say they’d love to go, but are nervous about getting around, or surviving somewhere that seems so different, so I want to show you what it’s really like!

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Watch our vlogs from day 3 here, and see the rest on YouTube!

Asakusa Temples

Visit Asakusa with us and see Senso-Ji, Japan’s oldest temple. Lots beautiful gardens and traditional Japan:


Akihabara Otaku Paradise

Part 2 couldn’t be more different – come with us to otaku nerd paradise Akihabara. Anime figure hunting, gachapon, arcades, games, an anime shrine and maid cafes! At the end, watch us fail multiple times at UFO catchers (although we do win something later on in the trip…).