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Art Show in New York: Cute Explosion Supernova

My artwork’s on show in New York in a cute rainbow-themed art show!

They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles

The show’s called “They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles”, at Clutter Gallery in New York and it’s on now until 1st September 2017. It’s a group art exhibition of graphic art and custom figures, arranged by colour like a rainbow!

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, go and take a look, and remember to take a picture and tag me!

They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles, Clutter Gallery


Cute Explosion Supernova

My colour was purple (my favourite colour!) and I drew a digital art piece called Cute Explosion Supernova. It’s a magical space galaxy version of Cute Explosion, with cute planets, rocket ships and stars, as well as favourite Cakes with Faces characters flying through space!

Cute Explosion Supernova

I rendered the galaxy background from scratch in Photoshop and added the characters in my cute graphic style, all in a purple colour scheme. There’s a touch of cyan in the background to make it look more magical, and everything else is in shades of purple, lilac and white. Spot Pegasaurus, Bumblebee Cat and Snow Lamb having fun taking a trip to space!

Cute Explosion Supernova

It’s a giclee print on canvas by my friends at Canime who we know from comic con and Hyper Japan. They’ve printed canvases for me before and they always do a fantastic job – the colours are really vibrant, much better than other canvas prints I’ve had made, and the outlines are razor sharp.

One-off Canvas

If you can’t make it to New York, Cute Explosion Supernova is available to buy online from Clutter Gallery’s website. It’s a one-off, exclusive print so it’s extra special!