Fans of Tea Series 4 – Custom Lunartik Mini Teas


We’re proud to be part of Fans of Tea series 4, an artist series of custom Lunartik mini teas in collaboration with Flatties.

Lunartik Mini Teas

Mini teas are figures by Matt JOnes aka Lunartik. There are several series of blindbox mini teas, as well as larger teas and plain white BIY (Brew-It-Yourself) teas for your own custom designs. They’re really cute – I have a shroom tea from mini teas series 2 sitting right here on my desk with me!

Custom Lunartik Mini Tea

Buzzing Bumbletea

Fans of Tea Series 4

15 artists were invited by Flatties to be part of Fans of Tea series 4. Each artist created 2 custom mini teas, which will be on display at ToyCon UK in London on 25th April 2015. They’ll also be available to buy, from the Lunartik stand.

This isn’t the first time Cakes with Faces has been part of Fans of Tea – Buzzing Bumbletea (left) was part of a previous series.

This time we made two teas:

  • Tea Tone – inspired by two tone ska music, which originated from where we live in Coventry!
  • Oc-Tea-Pus – the neon monster!

I hope you like the pun-alicious names, I couldn’t resist…!


Making-of Video

We filmed the whole process of making the figures, including making the extra parts from Super Sculpey, painting, varnishing and re-assembling. I hope you enjoy the sped up, edited version!

The teas are really pretty cute, so I must admit I was a little sad to see them go. As most of my artwork is digital, I usually get to “keep” it and don’t lose the original like with one-off “real-life” artwork. But that’s what makes it special, along with all the tiny imperfections, that you can’t just “Control-Z” and undo until they’re perfect…

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Fans of Tea - Custom Lunartik Mini Teas