How to Make Ramen Recipe in NEO Magazine

How to Make Ramen Comic Book Recipe

Look out for Cakes with Faces in issue 110 of NEO, the UK anime, manga and J-culture magazine. Exclusively for NEO, I drew a ramen recipe in comic book style, similar to my How to Make Sushi comic.

There’s also a short interview about Japanese food, cooking and drawing.

The recipe is 5 pages long and covers how to make vegetable ramen with tofu, how to make the stock from scratch and cook the noodles and vegetables. The main recipe’s vegetarian, but there are instructions on how to adapt the recipe as you like it, including adding chicken if you’re a meat-eater. Just like the sushi comic, it features lots of cute characters and danger in the kitchen!

Issue 110 of NEO magazine hits the shops today – let me know how you get on with your ramen on Facebook or Twitter!

Download the Recipe

Download a free pdf of the comic book recipe, and make your own ramen noodles at home.

Sushi Comic

If you like the ramen recipe, take a look at my How to Make Sushi recipe comic book!

Ramen Recipe in NEO Magazine