“Powered by USBee”: a fuzzy little bumblebee with a cable and USB connection!

As Jon Burgerman said when I went to his doodling workshop in London, puns are funs! I love drawing silly, funny designs – and cute artwork to bring a smile to your day.

Cute Bee Drawing

Believe it or not, I used photos of real bumblebees (and USBs) as reference for this, and worked a bit harder on making him slightly more detailed then bees I’ve drawn before, which are usually more like blobs with wings. I think it gives him more character, and I’ve made him fluffier too.

When you look closely, bees are actually really fluffy! Just imagine if they were larger – the size of hamsters (as long as they couldn’t sting you). Bees are actually really friendly and won’t sting unless they absolutely have to. It’s been great seeing them buzzing happily around the lavender in the garden – especially when you hear about all the trouble bees are having surviving in cities now.

A while ago I had a load of ideas (for drawings and products), wrote them all on a post-it note and it blew away. It sounds like a metaphor for something – anyway I remembered most of them and this was one of them.

Here’s the rough sketch:

Cute Bee Sketch

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