Cakes with Faces on Simon & Martina’s Livestream

Simon and Martina

Look it’s Simon and Martina wearing my designs!! They’re my FAVS so it’s so exciting seeing them wearing clothes I designed.

Eat Your Sushi

Simon and Martina are a couple in Japan who make videos about fun things they discover (very often food!) in Japan. They used to live in Korea, and their channel was called Eat Your Kimchi; now they’re in Japan they’re Eat Your Sushi.

It’s probably no surprise that I watch a lot of videos about Japan, and theirs is my number one favourite channel, because their videos are fun but also informative, with great content. I’ve discovered lots of places to visit in Japan from their videos, including Torikizoku and Coco Curry, and we tried to go to their favourite bar in Kichijoji: Baka Warai  (which means “the laughing idiot”!) but it was fully booked.

I also really like their positive attitude and approach to life, which aligns with my philosophy for Cakes with Faces. You can’t focus on negative things all the time – that’s why I draw cute and colourful designs, and silly puns to make you smile and brighten up the everyday.

Simon and Martina (Eat Your Sushi)

Martina looks so happy trying on the dress!


Simon & Martina

It wasn’t hard to get lots of fun screenshots!

Eat Your Kimchi Podcast

Simon and Martina also have a podcast, which is on SBS Pop Asia radio and also available online and on iTunes, etc. It’s out once a week, with observations and stories about their adventures and discoveries in Japan from that week. I think I actually like the podcast more than the videos, because it’s longer and more in depth; I enjoy listening to it when I’m cooking! It was a while before I discovered the podcast, so I hope you enjoy it too:


Watch the Livestream

You can watch them open the package in their livestream on their bonus channel – towards the end at around 59 minutes:

Here’s a close-up of the drawing I did for them. I made it really colourful and of course included lots of sushi with faces – and can you spot Martina’s Ehime orange? When they went to Ehime, they trekked up a mountain, which was a complete mission for Martina. At the top she had a freshly picked orange, and whether it was circumstance or just that Ehime has the best oranges, she said it was the most delicious thing she’s eaten in Japan!

Simon and Martina fanart

Cattoos Dress and Control Freak Jacket

The dress Martina’s wearing is the Cattoos dress, with a pattern of cat-themed tattoos! You can also get the designs as fake tattoos (I often wear them together – is that too much??). Simon’s wearing the Control Freak varsity jacket, which is just perfect for this time of year. It’s part of my new gaming range, with cute game controller characters. I also sent Martina a Magical Kyoto tunic in white, which is available in black now too, because lots of you liked the pattern on Facebook.

Simon & Martina (Eat Your Kimchi)

Cattoos dress

Control Freak Varsity Jacket

Cherry Blossom Tunic