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New All the Best Stuff is from Japan T-Shirt

The new All the Best Stuff is from Japan t-shirts are available now on general release!

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All the Best Stuff is from Japan T-Shirt

Original Version

The new t-shirt is a complete redesign of the original, which was one of my first t-shirt designs from 2012. My style’s changed since then and, as it’s still a popular design with fans of Japan (and the name of my series on YouTube!) I decided it was time for an updated version.

The original white version’s still available while stocks last. A few sizes have already sold out so if you want one, grab it now!

Japan T-Shirt

Original version from 2012

Updated Design

To switch things up, the new version’s on black – I thought it’d look good to have a colourful design on a black t-shirt, so it can be both dark and colourful at the same time.

The new version includes more of my favourite things about Japan: ramen, gachapon, sushi, UFO catchers from Japanese arcades, taiyaki,  the shinkansen bullet train, onigiri and train signs from Akihabara and Harajuku, my favourite places in Tokyo. I wanted to include both iconic symbols of Japan and more personal details that people who love Japan would recognise.

For me, the vertical shop signs are so evocative of the look of streets of Tokyo. On the t-shirt in the top left, the katakana says “purikura” and “karaoke”- two fun things you’ll find in all the main areas of the city!

All the Best Stuff is from Japan T-Shirt

Available Now

The new t-shirt’s available now in the online shop, in standard/mens and ladies slim fit t-shirts, sizes small to 2XL. The sizing’s the same as our other t-shirts – the mens are as you’d expect and the ladies t-shirts are on the small side (they’re quite skinny fit).

Japan Mens T-Shirt

Japan Ladies T-Shirt

Videos about Japan

If you’re new to Cakes with Faces, as well as being a designer I also make videos about Japan. I love travelling there and filming my experiences to share with you. I find that travel guides often don’t include the things I want to do, so I want to show the places I’ve found, along with useful tips and information I wish I’d known when I first went!

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