Hyper Japan Video – July 2017

Hyper Japan Video

Thank you to everyone who came along at Hyper Japan! It’s always lovely to see you in real life, especially when Cakes with Faces is an online shop most of the time. I loved chatting about Japan with you guys, and it was amazing to hear your stories from when you’ve been to places in my videos.

It was such a hot weekend at Tobacco Dock (you can see us sweating as the day goes on – sorry!) but we had a great weekend. It was great being on the booth next to Danny Choo – he was really friendly and his smart dolls really do look as perfect in real life as they do in pictures online.

I also finally got to try tofu rice burgers from Sticky Bundits, which were just as good as I’d hoped! Not sure when I’ll get to have them again, so I made the most of it and had them for every meal – 4 burgers in 3 days!

Videos Coming Up

It’s been such a busy time recently that I’ve got a bit behind on my editing, but there are more Japan vlogs coming up, and a video of how I painted Strawbeary, my bear for The Big Sleuth which you can visit in Sutton Coldfield right now. There’s also an extra special video (there’s a hint at the end of my Hyper Japan vlog!).

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Next Event

My next show will be MCM London Comic Con in October. Until then, everything you see on the stall is available in the online shop, despatched extra quickly just for you!

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