MCM Expo London Comic Con May 2013 Photos

MCM Expo London Comic Con was our busiest show yet – I’ve heard a rumour there were 76,000 visitors over the weekend! It certainly felt like it on the Saturday, which was really busy with lots of crowds, especially in the middle of the hall.

MCM at ExCel in London is really huge now, with so many stalls, game demos, stages and comic book artists. It took a long time just to walk from one end of the hall to the other with all the boxes when we were setting up!

Cakes with Faces at MCM London Comic Con May 2013

Cakes with Faces stall

It was exciting to see my stall with its new displays and new table banners on the front, featuring a super-colourful montage of loads of Cakes with Faces characters! And my new fairy lights!

Cute T-Shirts

Cakes with Faces T-Shirts

Three new t-shirt designs made their debut at the show: Toast Addict (because I love toast!), Say No to Knife Crime and Your Cake or Your Life, which is also available as a ladies’ vest. They’ve just hit the online shop – click the links to order them online (proper photos will be on the way soon!). It was great to be able to tell people that they were the first person in the world to own each of the designs! I took a photo of each of them – you can see them on my Facebook page.

Cakes with Faces T-Shirts MCM London 2013

Cakes with Faces t-shirts

The two joint most popular t-shirts of the show were my new designs: Say No to Knife Crime and Your Cake or Your Life. On a sadder note, the light blue Ice Cream design sold out – possibly forever….

It was so busy that I didn’t get spend very long looking around the show, but there were a lot of tempting anime figures. I bought a Mugi (from K-On!) figure, who comes with her keyboard, so now I just need Ritsu to complete the band.

The Japanese food stalls in the Japanex section were also a good addition to the show. I had a veggie sushi box and some yummy dorayaki – finally trying the red bean flavour, which is nothing like beans as I’ve known them before!

Sushi at MCM London 2013

Sushi lunch

It was lovely to see so many faces I recognised from previous shows, and to meet people who’d seen my ramen recipe in Neo magazine! It’s also great to have got to know so many other lovely stallholders, including Tofu Cute, Artbox, Genki Gear, Nice Ice, Japan Underground, Kelley’s Deli and Kam Creates.

You can see the rest of my photos on my Facebook page…

See you at my next show – MCM Comic Con Manchester and then Hyper Japan the weekend after – it’s going to be a busy July! / Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

Amy at MCM London 2013

Amy on the stall