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5 Kawaii Alpaca Games

Cute Alpaca Games

Video round-up of 5 cute alpaca games from Japan, including games for your phone and tabletop games, all featuring kawaii alpacas!

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More Videos About Japan

All the Best Stuff is from Japan is my series about cute, funny and unusual things from Japan. There’s lots more to watch on Cakes with Faces on YouTube, and more episodes coming up. There are also lots of videos from Japan – I’ve been uploading my vlogs from Kyoto and next we’ll be moving on to Tokyo, with lots of fun things from the arcades and cute things in the shops and all my favourite places!

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If You Like Alpacas…

I love creating designs with cute alpacas. Have you seen my alpaca watch (now sold out) and alpaca cushions? And of course, the famous Alpacalypse (which IS coming…), which you can get on t-shirts and hoodies. They’re all original designs, only at Cakes with Faces.

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More Alpacas Than You’ve Ever Seen

Finally, did you see my video from the alpaca show? A few years ago I went to British Alpaca Futurity and saw more alpacas than I ever expected to see in my lifetime! It was certainly a unique experience, and I learnt a lot about them too. Did you know that their wool is flame resistant? That’ll come in handy during the alpacalypse…