Japan Pavillion at Epcot & Japanese Food at Disney World, Florida

Japan at Epcot, Disney World

I usually make videos about real Japan so I thought it would be fun to show you around fake Japan at Disney World in Florida!

World Showcase

Epcot is in two sections: Future World and World Showcase (my fav!). There are sections (known as pavilions) around a lake, themed around different countries. Each section has restaurants so you can try out the food, shops and some have attractions or rides.

It’s a lovely area to stroll around, especially in the evening – it looks so pretty as it’s getting dark. It’s also a great place to eat, as there are so many different types of food!

Kawaii Museum

Apart from the shop, which as you can see in the video is actually pretty big, with a good selection of modern and traditional Japanese gifts and sweets, the main attraction in the Japan pavilion is the Kawaii Bijutsukan, or Kawaii Museum. In some ways it’s not that different from the shop, as a collection of cute things, but it was fun to look round. And very strange to see things you own in a museum display!

Japanese Food at Disney World

There are several Japanese restaurants and cafes at Epcot:

  • Katsura Grill – Quick service cafe with sushi, noodles, teriyaki and katsu curry.
  • Kaubuki Cafe – Kiosk with kakigori, sushi, sake and Japanese beers.
  • Teppan Edo – Teppanyaki restauramt.
  • Tokyo Dining – Modern Japanese restaurant with sushi and noodles.

You can see the places I went to in my video below – and see what the food was like! In October there was also a Japan booth for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.


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