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1000+ Ideas for Places to go in Japan on Pinterest

Japan Pinterest Board

If you’re looking for ideas for places to go in Japan, my Japlanning Pinterest board has over 1000 pins with interesting and unique places to go, in Tokyo and all around Japan.

Initially I created it for my own reference, to save interesting places I came across. I’m always adding to it whenever I spot anywhere that looks interesting (which is very often!). There are so many fascinating places that you rarely hear about, so I’m more than happy to share them with you.

Places are categorised into sub-folders by region – it’s still a bit messy but I tidied it up recently to make it more organised!

Feel free to follow on Pinterest – and re-pin to your own boards if you spot anywhere you fancy:

Ideas for Places to Go in Japan on Pinterest

Pinterest Pincode

If you’re reading this on PC, you can scan the Pincode below to access the board on the Pinterest app on your phone:

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Japan Videos

There are lots of ideas for things to do in Japan on my YouTube channel:

  • Travel vlogs
  • Places from my Japan travel wishlist
  • Things to do in Tokyo
  • Tips for planning your trip

Japan Travel Guide Book

My 300 page Japan travel guide book also has lots of ideas for things to do, and help with planning your trip.

  • Ideas for things to do.
  • Practical information about how to get by in Japan.
  • Checklists and spaces to plan your trip.
  • Advice based on 10+ years of experience.
Japan Travel Guide Book
Cakes with Faces Japan Travel Guide Book