Japanese Karaoke Video

Japanese Karaoke

If you go to karaoke, never film it. And if you do film it, never watch it! I did this for you guys…

I made this video to show you what it’s like at Japanese karaoke. Karaoke is so popular in Japan, but you don’t have to sing in front of everyone on a stage. You get a private booth for just you and your friends, and you can embarrass yourself privately for as long as you want to!

We went to Big Echo in Ikebukuro, which is a huge chain with branches all over Japan. If you can read katakana, you see カラオケ (karaoke) on signs EVERYWHERE. At Big Echo there’s a huge selection of English songs, and you can change the language on the controller to English, so it’s really easy for foreigners. The only challenging part is that you have to order drinks on the phone – I managed with my basic level of Japanese, and sometimes the staff speak English. If there are no English speaking staff you could always go downstairs to the desk and point at the menu. At most places, each time you order drinks you have to order one for everyone in your party.

Japanese karaoke’s so much fun – I’d definitely recommend it if you get the chance!

Watch the video to the end for fun in the arcades – and finally a win at the UFO catchers! We found Amuse Korohamu Koron hamsters – they really are the cutest!

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This is the end of the vlogs, but it’s not the end of the Tokyo videos. I’ve got some more videos planned for you, which didn’t quite fit into the vlogs, and I’ll also be making some “travel guide” style videos to help you if you’re planning a trip to Japan. Lots of people ask me about trip planning, and it’s something I’m always happy to chat about, so do get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments on my videos if there’s something you’d like to know about.

There’s also more on the way from my series All the Best Stuff is from Japan, and I’m planning our next trip to Japan for later this year! This time we’ll be venturing outside Tokyo to Kyoto, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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