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New Cakes with Faces YouTube Channel!

We’re really excited to finally be launching our YouTube channel!

We’ve been working really hard on a series of YouTube videos called All the Best Stuff is from Japan, all about funny and interesting stories from Japan, our favourite place in the world.

Our First Video

This is the first video we’ve ever made, and it’s been a lot of work to get it finished. It’s been a big learning curve, working out how to set everything up, deciding how it should be, learning the editing software and making the titles… phew! I have a lot of respect for anyone who makes videos – there’s such a lot involved.

We’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel for a while (it’s something you’ve asked for too!), but we weren’t sure what it should be about. I’d love to make an animated series, but my animation skills aren’t up to that, we’re not famous enough for a daily vlog and I don’t know much about hair or make-up! So in the end we decided to make a series about what we’re interested in: Japan! It was a lot of fun researching the stories – we hope you enjoy it.

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The next episode of All the Best Stuff is from Japan will be out very soon, as well as behind the scenes videos about Cakes with Faces and lots more…

See you soon!