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Okonomiyaki – Japanese Pancakes


Okonomiyaki is sometimes called Japanese pancakes or pizza, but they’re not really that much like either! They’re one of my favourite Japanese foods. You don’t find them in many Japanese restaurants in the UK, so usually I have to make my own at home. So it was a treat to go out for okonomiyaki in Tokyo! You cook your own at your table, so the meal’s a fun experience too.

If you’re visiting Tokyo and want to go to this restaurant, it’s on the top floor of Mylord department store (such a great name!), which is right by Shinjuku Station. They didn’t have vegetarian okonomiyaki on the menu, but I asked if it was possible and they suggested cheese and rice cake. I’d never had rice cake like this before – it looked completely different before it was cooked so I was a little sceptical, but I’m glad I tried it!

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