Watches – Coming Soon! Vote for your favourite design

Colourful Watches

Finally I can reveal a secret project I’ve been working on – Cakes with Faces watches! They’re going to be colourful, cute and funky, and you can help choose which designs get made!

UPDATE: Voting has now closed – watches are available in the shop

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Original Designs

I’ve been working on these for a long time to get the designs just right, so I hope you like them. There’s a variety of watch designs – some cute, some colourful, and some cute but deadly, featuring favourite characters including popcorn, cakes, marshmallows, cats, ramen and lolita Alice.

Vote for your Favourite

There are 12 designs (one for each hour of the day). Vote for your favourites over on Facebook and the top 5 watches will be made!

I can’t wait to see which are your favourites!

Join the email list (at the very bottom of the page) to find out which are being made, and be the first to pre-order.

Cute cat watch Cute cake party watch Ramen noodles watch Cute but Deadly watch Colourful watermelon watch Cake-o-meter watch Marshmallows watch Kawaii Lolita Alice Watch Monster Attack Watch Your Cake or Your Life Watch Ponycorn kawaii unicorn watch Colourful popcorn watch