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“Live Your Best Afterlife” Egyptian T-Shirts

Ancient Egypt T-Shirt

The new “Live Your Best Afterlife” Egyptian t-shirts are now available in the online shop:

Live Your Best Afterlife

When I brought out the Party of Your Afterlife Egyptian dresses a few months ago, lots of you asked for a matching t-shirt. So I’ve been working away on a design, and now here they are!

The design’s matching the original dress, featuring many of the same characters (some redrawn in new poses) and the hieroglyphics pattern in the background (look closer – they’re not normal hieroglyphics!).

Cute Egypt Dress
Party of your Afterlife dress – available here

Design Process

You can read more about the inspiration for the Egyptian theme in my blog post about the dresses (including an epic Where’s Wally-style Egyptian poster I drew when I was 7).

The t-shirt actually went through a few versions before the design came together. The first drafts were much more similar to the dress, with the same “Party of Your Afterlife” slogan and the creatures in a pattern – but it wasn’t quite working for me:

Rough WIP design
A work in progress design, before it came together

It came together much better when the t-shirt branched off and took on a theme of its own: “Live your Best Afterlife”, complementing the original while not 100% the same. The final mood is decadent, LA-meets-ancient Egypt luxury with palm trees and pyramids: taking selfies, popping corks, blasting tunes and indulging in all the snacks.

Live Your Best Afterlife T-Shirt

It features fav characters from the dress (including the hamster!):

Ancient Egyptian Characters

T-Shirt Sizes

Like all my t-shirts, it’s available in standard/mens sizes and womens slim fit. The womens’ are smaller, with a fitted shape and cap sleeves.


  • Small (to fit 34-36″ chest)
  • Medium (to fit 38-40″ chest)
  • Large (to fit 42-44″ chest)
  • XL (to fit 46-48″ chest)
  • 2XL (to fit 50-52″ chest)

Womens slim fit:

  • Small (UK Size 8-10)
  • Medium (UK Size 10-12)
  • Large (UK Size 12-14)
  • XL (UK Size 14-16)
Mens Egypt T-Shirt
Standard/mens t-shirt
Womens Egyptian T-Shirt
Womens slim fit t-shirt