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New Winosaurs T-Shirts: Wine + Dinosaurs!

Funny Wine T-Shirt

New Winosaurs T-Shirt

Meet my new t-shirt design: Wine + dinosaurs = WINOSAURS! Vintage 150 million years BC.

The new design launched at MCM London Comic Con  (see how it went in my video!) and it’s now available online:

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Wine + Dinosaurs

The new design features prehistoric dinosaurs enjoying a glass or two: a brachiosaurus that needs a straw to reach the bottle, t-rex tasting the latest prehistoric vintage, a stegosaurus cleaning up the spillage and a parasaurolophus popping open a bottle of bubbly (watch out pterodactyls!).

The design’s in vintage, retro style, with details of grapes and dino footprint embellishments.

Dinosaurs & Wine Gift

Design Process

This one took a bit of work to design – my first drafts were more cartoony and looked like childrens t-shirts (which wouldn’t be right for an over-18s beverage!). I usually come back to designs over a period of weeks, to gain some objectivity and make sure everything’s right. It started working when I turned the dinosaurs into silhouettes and kept the graphics simple.

Here are my rough sketches – you can see how the style was originally different, but the main ideas are there:

Dinosaur sketches

Rough sketches – originally it was a lot more cartoon-like


As you know I love puns, and I first had the idea in the summer, during the heatwave. I have some dinosaur ice lolly molds, and was messing around with my friends. We made wine slushies and a wine dinosaur ice lolly – obviously a winosaur!


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You can get the new t-shirt right here in the online shop (worldwide shipping), and from Cakes with Faces on Etsy.

It’s available in standard/mens t-shirts and ladies slim fit, sizes S – 2XL. It’d make a great Christmas present if you know anyone who likes wine (and dinosaurs!!).

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Funny Dinosaur T-Shirt

Standard/mens t-shirt


Womens T-Shirt: Dinosaurs & Wine

Womens slim fit t-shirt