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Minoo Park: Beautiful Waterfall Less Than 30 Mins from Osaka

Minoo Park

Minoo Park (also known as Minoh Park) is a quasi-national park near Osaka in Japan. It’s less than half an hour north of the city by train. With a complete contrast to the craziness of central Osaka, it’s a perfect half-day trip for a relaxing couple of hours enjoying nature in the Japanese countryside.

Minoo Park, Osaka

Walking Trail

There’s a walking trail that follows the stream up to the waterfall. It’s an easy walk, not steep and the path is paved. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, with places along the way to stop and explore by the river, as well as temples, cafes and snack kiosks.

All the way along you’re surround by trees and the sound of water rushing in the stream.

Minoo Park, Osaka
A complete break from the city of Osaka

Minoh Park Vlog

Watch my video to join us exploring Minoh Park, following the trail along to the waterfall:

Minoo Waterfall

Minoh Waterfall

The 33m waterfall is absolutely stunning. I love waterfalls and they’re always an attraction for me in Japan.

There’s an area where you can sit and take photos, enjoy the sound of the water and take in the atmosphere before heading back along the trail.

Minoh Waterfall

Tempura Maple Leaves

When you go to Minoh you’ve got to try their local specialty momiji tempura: fried maple leaves!

The area’s famous for maple trees, and you can spot the maple leaf motifs as decorations around the area. It’s a beautiful area to visit in autumn when they turn red with the fall colours in late November.

The leaves are deep fried in tempura batter – and they really are actual leaves from the trees! They’re extremely crispy (I couldn’t believe how loud they sound on the video – I didn’t even turn up the volume, that’s really how crunchy they were!). They taste slightly sweet, with a light maple flavour.

There are numerous shops selling them on the way to the trail, so you can get yours hot and fresh.

Momiji tempura
Momiji tempura (battered maple leaves) are a local specialty

How to get to Minoo Park

From Umeda Station in Osaka, take the Hankyu Takarazuka line to Ishibashi Station (15 mins). Then take the Hankyu Minoo Line to Minoo Station (5 mins).

The large map in the video is right opposite the station and the start of the trail’s within walking distance.

There’s no entrance fee – it’s completely open to the public.

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