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The Big Hoot

The Big Hoot is a public art exhibition in Birmingham. Giant owl sculptures will appear around the city, each custom painted by artists and community groups. The owls will be on display for 10 weeks during summer 2015. At the end of the exhibition, they’ll be auctioned for charity, to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The project is organised by Wild in Art, and there’ll also be mini owls decorated by schools.

The Big Hoot sounds like such a fun project to brighten up the streets of Birmingham, as well as raising money for a good cause. Plus, painting a giant owl would be a lot of fun! I’m local to Birmingham and it would be great to be involved, so I’ve applied to be part of the project, and thought I’d share my designs with you. Fingers crossed one of them might get picked…

Here are the three owls I’ve submitted to The Big Hoot:

The Big Hoot Submissions

1) Tea T-Owl

As you know I love puns, so my first design is a truly British tea t-owl. The background is a checked tea towel, and he’s covered in teatime treats: cakes, tea and toast (all with faces of course). The round eyes were perfect for giant biscuits! Yum yum…

The Big Hoot Tea T-Owl

2) Gun B-owl Machine

Instead of using the owl as a canvas, it seemed fun to turn it into a giant object. With a bit of imagination, the shape’s similar giant gumball machine! I love how colourful this one is – I was tempted to add cute faces to all the gumballs too…

The Big Hoot Gumball Machine

3) Giant Cupcake Owl

Being Cakes with Faces, my third design had to be a giant cake! If a cushion can be a cake, a giant owl can be a cake too! And the icing’s my favourite colour, purple. I love how it contrasts with the owl’s traditional image as wise and serious – there’s no reason you can’t be wise and fun too, right?

The Big Hoot Giant Cupcake Owl