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Black Friday 2022 – Tree Planted for Every Order

Tree Planted for Every Order

For Black Friday 2022 we’re planting a tree for every order, to give a little back towards climate sustainability.

Every order counts – just place your order and a tree will be planted on your behalf.

This continues throughout Black Friday weekend: Friday 26th November until midnight on Monday 29th November 2022.

Thoughts on Black Friday

In previous years there’s been a Black Friday sale. However, as Black Friday becomes more and more dominated by huge corporations and chains, I felt increasingly that it’s solely a commercial event in the UK where we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, making it less meaningful. It didn’t feel right to contribute to something that I don’t really believe in. As an indie shop owner it feels like there’s an obligation to do something, but it’s difficult for small businesses to offer big discounts like larger companies do. I try and keep my prices reasonable to offer value all year round rather than introducing large profit margins that allow for discounts (the most expensive item in my shop is £32).

So overall, to sum it up, it feels better to give back something to help the environment and make Black Friday greener.

One Tree Planted

Full disclosure: I’m not planting the trees myself! It’s best to leave that to the professionals who know what they’re doing!

They’ll be planted by One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation that plants trees all around the world. They’ve planted over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries since 2014. They have so many worthwhile projects: restoring the Amazon rainforest, replanting after forest fires, conserving mangroves and lots more.

Why Plant Trees?

Trees have so many benefits to the ecosystem:

  • Absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and clean the air, helping combat climate change.
  • Preventing soil erosion and capturing rainfall to help regulate water levels.
  • Biodiversity – a home for insects, fungi, animals and plants.
  • Social impact – creating jobs, timber and food (fruit and nuts).

And also, apart from all that: isn’t it nice to have more trees in the world?