Akiba Catcher: UFO Catcher Challenge!

Japanese Arcades / Game Centres

Japanese UFO Catchers

A fun thing to do in Tokyo is hanging out in arcades, playing games and trying to win prizes in UFO catchers! You can win:

  • Anime figures
  • Kawaii plushies
  • Sweets
  • And some really random prizes (as you’ll see in the video…!)

It’s not easy though – I’m hopeless and never win anything! But it is possible to win; I’ve seen other people win prizes in game centres and there’s always lots of shouting and excitement when they win.

UFO Catcher Challenge

There is a way you can play Japanese claw machines at home, on a website called Akiba Catcher, run by Tokyo Otaku Mode. We tried it out in a UFO Catcher Challenge – who can win…?

Akiba Catcher

If you want to try it out yourself, here’s the link to Akiba Catcher. Can you do better than me and my friends? (Not hard to be honest!!).

Akiba Catcher

They change the prizes regularly, and they’re the same as prizes you find in real arcades in Japan. We found the experience similar to the tension and excitement of playing in a real arcade. And if you win, they ship the prizes to you!

Akiba Catcher

Free Plays

When you sign up you get points for free plays on Akiba Catcher. You also get a free play every week on a Friday – mark it in your diary!

If you have a Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium account, you get a free play every day. And if you have points from shopping on their website, you can use them to buy plays too.

Akiba Catcher

Akiba Catcher

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