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America Mura, Osaka (Amemura)

Amerika Mura

Amerika Mura (Amemura) is an area in Osaka with vintage clothing stores selling seconhand (and new) American clothes. The area has an alternative, creative feel to it, with street art – even the streetlamps are decorated – and it’s the centre of alternative fashion subcultures in Osaka, where people come to hang out.

America Mura, Osaka, Japan

American-style streetwear clothing stores

Triangle Park

Amemura’s centred around Triangle Park (also known as Mitsu Park of Sankaku Koen), which is where people meet up. It’s just a small, concrete square (well – triangle really) but we kept coming back to it as we were walking around, and if you want to find the area, it’s a good place to pinpoint on the map.

Triangle Park

Triangle Park, the centre of Amemura

Retro Pinball Arcade

The best (and most fun!) place we found in America Mura was a retro pinball arcade. Now I wouldn’t say I’m into pinball particularly, but there is something cool about them, and the designs are amazing. There were actually loads of machines in the arcade, with some really obscure themes. Domino’s Pizza pinball, anyone?

Retro Pinball in Osaka

Back to the Future pinball!

It was a lot of fun and only 100 yen per play (free to get in). It’s in Big Step shopping mall, which is also where I found this amazingly colourful graffiti-style mural and had to take a few pics:

Amerika Mura, Osaka - Big Step

See how the graffiti says America Mura, Osaka Japan?

Lolita Shops in Osaka

Amemura is the Harajuku of Osaka. It has a completely different atmosphere, but it’s where you’ll find creative fashion and alternative subcultures, including the Lolita brand shops. You might have to go hunting – at first all I found were more “street” style clothing shops but then I started discovering the lolita shops too.

Look out for Closet Child, which sells second-hand brand clothing (I bought the pink camouflage skirt from Metamorphose you can see in the video for only 1000 yen – it’s so unusual to mix military patterns with Lolita style!). There’s also Maiden Clothing, which is similar to Closet Child. And look out for the official brand shops too, including Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Osaka

Find lolita brand shops like Baby the Stars Shine Bright

How to Get to America Mura

Look for Triangle Park, which is the centre of Amemura. It’s a fairly small area, and you need to explore the backstreets to find everything.

The closest stations are Shinsaibashi and Yotsubashi.

As always, if there are any particular shops you want to visit, I’d recommend pinning them on your map because places can be tricky to find in Japan.

It’s within walking distance of Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. We went there in the morning, and then Denden Town in the afternoon, followed by the craziness of Dotonbori in the evening. It’s all within  walking distance, we didn’t take any trains that day – although be warned, we often end up walking about 10 miles a day in Japan!

More Things to Do in Osaka

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