Studio Ghibli Museum, Cat Cafe Fail & Broken Doll’s Shop

Studio Ghibli Video

The Studio Ghibli museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, is a truly magical place, and a must-visit for fans of Studio Ghibli anime films! When I first went, I expected it to be something like Disneyland, but it’s much smaller and has more of the atmosphere of a large house. The museum has a whimsical, magical feel, focussing on gorgeous Ghibli artwork and animation. Photos and filming aren’t allowed inside, but you can see the outside and the roof garden in the video.

We walked to the museum from Mitaka Station – it was really easy to get there from Shinjuku and it was an easy, pleasant walk along the waterworks.

Inokashira Park is right next to the Studio Ghibli Museum, with a small shrine and a lake with swan boats!

From there we walked to Kichijoji to go to a cat cafe. This was the cutest cat cafe I could find – it looks like it’s from a Studio Ghibli film! If you want to go there, it’s called Temari no Uchi, and it looks absolutely adorable.

Finally we went to Shimokitazawa, which is an area with lots of indie and vintage shops, and lots of live houses (gig venues). We were there to find Broken Doll’s shop – they’re one of my favourite Japanese bands, and they also make cute accessories and clothes. It was tricky to find their shop in the tiny backstreets (addresses in Tokyo are notoriously difficult to find). We enjoyed chatting to Kensuke from Broken Doll, half in Japanese and half in English! I bought some CDs and a star necklace, to match the ring I got at Hyper Japan.

Tokyo Videos

We’re nearing the end of the Tokyo vlogs – next up is a day trip out of Tokyo, so make sure you’re subscribed to Cakes with Faces on YouTube so you don’t miss it!

After that I’ll be making some travel guide videos to help you plan your trip to Japan, and other videos on specific topics that people ask me about, like what it’s like being vegetarian in Tokyo.

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