Welcome to My New Website!

The Cakes with Faces website’s had a redesign – welcome to the new improved version, I hope you like it!

What’s new?

Background: We’ve said goodbye to the old sprinkles background. This was original Cakes with Faces style, from 2009/2010 when I first started my website as a collection of my drawings. You can still see the original pattern on some of my business cards and the t-shirt hang tags. I still like the coloured sprinkles (moons, stars, circles and triangles) but the background cake colour was looking a little too beige for my liking. So now we’re much more colourful with a bright and sunny yellow background, and an all-new cake pattern, with fun dress-up cakes!

New improved Shop: The photos in the shop are now larger so you can have a good look at everything. The categories are more organised and there’s more info on the product pages for you, with sizes, links to delivery info etc. Plus fancy rollover images – have a go!

The Gallery is more organised: The previous categories “Edible” and “Non-edible” were getting out of control, so now we have Monsters, Treats, I Love Japan and lovely new organised categories. And new zoomy rollover thumbnails.

Pinterest: If you like Pinterest, you can now share any image on the site really easily by hovering over it, and a Pinterest share button will appear! I’m not the most avid Pinterest user, but I do have a few boards of artwork, cakes, cool things from Japan and colourfulness – Cakes with Faces on Pinterest.

Also: Lots of other little changes and design bits and pieces, especially on the home page, for you to enjoy.

Lots of thought and time has gone into making the new site, which is now its third version (the previous one was launched in October 2011 with the addition of the online shop). Big thank yous to Phil, who spent hours coding when he could have been playing videogames.

If you like the new design, please do share it with your friends and spread the Cakes with Faces love!