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Did You Spot Us on Gadget Man on Channel 4?

We were very excited to spot our stall on TV in the background on Gadget Man on Channel 4!

Richard Ayoade went to MCM London Comic Con to test action and exercise gadgets, including a climbing wall and a crossbow for your phone. The theme of the show was Staying In – all about whether you can live your life without leaving the house.

We had no idea they were filming that day at the comic con. It’s so busy there, and there are so many people in cosplay that a man in a bright orange suit just doesn’t stand out from the crowd at expo!

You have to be quick, but you can spot our stall and our t-shirts in the background. The episode of Gadget Man is available to watch on 4OD for a limited time – here’s the link. See if you can spot yourself if you were there!

We’ll be back at MCM London Comic Con at the end of October, which is also Cakes with Faces’ third birthday – here are all the details…

Gadget Man

Gadget Man on Channel 4

Richard Ayoade at MCM London Comic Con

MCM London Comic Con on Gadget Man on Channel 4