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How to Draw a Dinosaur – Cute Speed Drawing Video

How to draw a dinosaur – our first speed drawing video! Watch me draw a cute dinosaur and a terrified birthday cake, sped up to less than 3 minutes.

So far our YouTube channel has been all about Japan, which we love, but Cakes with Faces is about other things as well. So this is our first speed drawing video in which I show you, in less than 3 minutes, how to draw a dinosaur birthday card. I actually recorded this quite a long time ago, when I was first thinking of starting a YouTube channel. The design geeks among you may spot the old Adobe Illustrator menus – it’s strange seeing them now we’re so used to the Creative Cloud dark colour scheme. But the way I draw is still the same – I love vector artwork and Illustrator is my favourite! (sorry Photoshop…)

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