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David & Goliath Closes UK Stores – Is Cute Not Popular Any More?

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Colourful t-shirts and accessories brand David and Goliath has recently closed all of its UK stores.

David and Goliath had high-profile shops in Covent Garden. Carnaby Street, Westfield Startford, Bluewater and the Bullring in Birmingham. All of them are sadly now closed. Their website says the Covent Garden and Carnaby Street stores will be relocating, and that “Due to challenging real estate conditions in the London area, larger retail chains are forcing us to look for new locations.”

David and Goliath still have shops around the world, in places as exotic as Dubai, Hawaii, the Philippines and even Kuwait. They’re a brand well-known for fun, colourful designs, and lots of Cakes with Faces customers also like their t-shirts (and so do we!).

Does this mean the UK doesn’t like cute any more?

Are we tired of colourful t-shirts and wearing fun designs?

At Cakes with Faces we certainly hope not, and our great weekend at MCM Birmingham Comic Con, together with feedback from our customers and our online orders suggest it’s not true.

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