Lucky Cat Dress & T-Shirt

Lucky Cat Dress

Meet the new Lucky Cat dress and t-shirt!

UPDATE: The pre-order has now closed, and both are available on general release, ready for immediate despatch:

Red Lucky Cat Dress

Lucky Cat Dress

The new lucky cat dress has a pattern of lucky cats and Japanese good luck charms:

  • Origami paper cranes
  • Golden coins
  • Omamori charms
  • Lucky tai fish (the same type as taiyaki!)

There’s a border print of lucky cats and waves of good fortune around the hem of the dress.

I’ve always liked the border prints on lolita dresses, and it’s been fun experimenting with them on a more everyday style of dress.

Japanese Maneki Neko Border Print

Dress Style

The style’s the same as the other dresses with sleeves. They’re flattering and very comfy! You can wear them for everyday, casual wear, or dress them up for going out. I find the dresses are good for all occasions, even when I have work meetings! (I feel so out of place in regular work clothes, and in these I can look smart but with personality!).

They also fold up small, so they’re good for taking on holiday and weekends away – they don’t take up much room in your luggage. And they don’t get creased, so there’s no ironing – you can wear them straight out of the suitcase!

Lucky Cat Dress Fabric


The sizing on the dresses with sleeves is slightly different to the other dresses, so please check the size guide.

The fabric is stretchy (that’s why there’s some overlap between the sizes), and the style is fit and flare – fitted at the chest, then flaring out at a fairly high waist. For a good fit, measure around the largest part of your chest, and around your high waist.

If you’re not sure which size to order, just get in touch!

Dresses Size Guide

Choice of 3 Colours (Pre-order Only)

The new dress is available in a choice of three colours during the pre-order:

  • Red (a lucky colour in Japan!)
  • Blue
  • Black

After the pre-order, only the most popular colour will be available. The pre-order runs until Sunday 9th October 2022.

Red Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Dress

When I first designed the dress, I imagined it should be red, to complement the traditional colour of lucky cats (and it’s a lucky colour in Japan, and several other Asian countries). Then, I knew that people would ask for a black version (because: black!).

Then when I was trying out different colours, I tried out a blue colour scheme and it looked so good, I had to make it happen! The blue’s inspired by the traditional Japanese white/red/blue colour scheme that you see on kakigori (shaved iced) signs, happi coats and lots of other places in Japan.

Japanese kakigori stand

Super Lucky T-Shirt

Not everyone wears dresses, so there’s also a matching t-shirt: Super Lucky!

Mens Japanese Lucky Cat T-Shirt

The design features a maneki neko lucky cat waving to you, with waves that represent waves of good fortune, golden coins and a lucky tai fish (also known as a sea bream).

"Super Lucky" Lucky Cat T-Shirt

The t-shirt’s available in standard/mens and womens slim fit sizes small to 2XL. The sizing’s the same as the other t-shirts in the shop.

T-shirt availability is hit and miss at the moment, so the mens and womens t-shirts are a slightly different colour.

  • Mens size M, L, XL & 2XL are a deep red (not bright pillarbox red – slightly richer and darker).
  • Mens size S is a slightly darker colour, due to availability.
  • Womens sizes are a slightly darker shade, with textured colour similar to the Winosaurs t-shirts.

The t-shirts are now available on general release:

Lucky Cat Womens T-Shirt