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All the Best Stuff is from Japan Video – Episode 2

Thank you to everyone who’s subscribed to our new YouTube channel so far. We hope you’re enjoying our new All the Best Stuff is from Japan video series! We’ve had some really lovely comments so far – thank you!

Episode 2 is out today – featuring cute hamsters, ramen noodles and Japanese hornets (they’re huge!).


Hamsters are definitely the cutest, and our own hamster Yukiko makes an appearance in this episode!

Japanese hornets

We discovered Japanese hornets before a trip to Japan, looking up all the scary insects that live there. They truly are terrifying, but thankfully we’ve never seen one in the wild.

Delicious ramen

In the video we mention our free comic book ramen recipe – download it here. If you like it, we also have a comic book about how to make sushi, which comes with a rolling mat and chopsticks (it also makes a great gift!).

Watch episode 2 now on YouTube!

Watch our second video now on YouTube – if you like it, please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe. There are lots more episodes on the way, and lots more fun and cute stuff from Japan!